Illustration by @dogtrax

Illustration by @dogtrax

Welcome to Making Learning Connected, otherwise known as CLMOOC! We are very excited to be here with you and are looking forward to making, playing, connecting and learning with you at different points throughout the next six weeks.

You are the heart of CLMOOC. To support you in tapping into your interests and passions, Making Learning Connected is organized in six open Make Cycles that we hope will inspire you to make, write, connect, and reflect. We take the “open” and “collaborative” parts of MOOCs seriously, and facilitators have designed CLMOOC in ways we hope will make you feel comfortable in customizing the experience to your own interests.

Get ready to jump in!


CC BY 2.0 by Yafüt on Flickr

The first Make Cycle will be kicked off by educator colleagues from the Boise State Writing Project on Monday June 16, 2014. At the beginning of each Make Cycle, you will receive a newsletter much like this one that will give you the details about the cycle’s activities along with ample encouragement to jump on in.

In the meantime, we invite you to introduce yourself to the CLMOOC community via social media and to browse the various spaces of CLMOOC.

  • Check out the updated Making Learning Connected blog which will be the central repository for all news, live events, and archives. It also contains handy guides and some answers to FAQs.
  • Check out the G+ community and @clmooc on Twitter! You can search for CLMOOC related posts and tag your own posts with the hashtag: #clmooc. Feel free to introduce yourself and welcome others.
  • Browse the Make Bank to see some “Makes” that emerged over this last year.
  • And if you blog, consider adding a feed of your CLMOOC blog posts to our Blog Hub. You can also browse posts that already have been shared.
  • Put yourself on the CLMOOC Map.

Additional ways to get acquainted:

  • Check out our Guide to Social Tools to see if you have everything set-up and working in a way that will you support you to begin.
  • Browse the Google Calendar and subscribe so you have all the upcoming events handy.
  • And consider involving yourself in our efforts to learn more about participants’ experiences in the CLMOOC. Make A Case activities are a way to reflect on what you are doing as you go.

What else can we tell you?

Illustration by @dogtrax

Illustration by @dogtrax

We are thrilled that you are here! We encourage you to make, play, lead, lurk, connect, remake, remix in whatever way your heart desires. In CLMOOC, we strongly encourage you to follow your own interests and your own passions as educators and learners, to connect with peers locally and globally, and to encourage each other around shared purposes in constructive, creative ways. In fact, it is through the acts of making, writing, connecting, and reflecting during CLMOOC that we will be exploring these very Connected Learning principles together.

In other words, there is no one “right” way to participate in the CLMOOC. And there’s no “wrong” way, either. There is only your way. We are super flexible.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions; everyone has them, and we can help each other. To contact us, email clmooc@nwp.org.

Let the Summer to Make, Play & Connect begin!

Peace in the making and connecting,
The Educator Innovator CLMOOC Team

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