Introducing #F5F Find Five Fridays

Last year in the CLMOOC, we found Fridays to be a perfect day for reflection, and being the connected and playful space it is, we made a game out of it. We like to call this Find Five Fridays or #F5F for short. Each Friday I’ll post something to go “find” and I’ll invite you to report to the community what you found. Of course, this is all optional, but since, it’s Friday, Friday, why not play!?!

photo (11)This Friday your challenge is to find five people you’ve already made a connection with in Make Cycle #1. This can be an online connection or an offline connection. Did you collaborate on a family video like Mary did? Did you like something someone said in the CLMOOC Make with Me hour? These are all people and all connections you could give a shout out to today!

You can do any number of things to celebrate your find:

  • Comment on their post
  • Retweet their tweets
  • Further a conversation on G+
  • Curate the resources and add to the document Peter started.
  • Add them to your G+ circles
  • Write a blog post that gives them a shout out
  • Follow them on Twitter
  • Create a call-and-response make
  • Submit their makes as examples or tutorials to the Make Bank
  • Make a Make Log like Clarissa did about the ways they connected with you in your making as part of Making a Case

Then when you’ve accomplished this challenge, post their names and the hashtag #F5F in our G+ Community (like Erica did) or on Twitter (w/ the hashtags #F5F and #clmooc ). If you have found people with a common interest, hashtag the interest as well!

On Twitter #FF  is a hashtag that stands for Friday Follow (or some variation of that). We’re hacking the hashtag for our own use! Hopefully it will result in “making our learning connected!”

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