A Find Five Friday #F5F Choose Your Own Adventure

If you don’t already have five things in mind, for Find Five Friday this week, you get five options of things to find!

  1. Find Five #clmooc-themed Blog Posts that make you go “Hmmmmm!”
  2. Find Five Surprises from your #clmooc experience so far.
  3. Find Five Makes you might consider remixing in the last few weeks of #clmooc.
  4. Find Five Images that represent your summer of making, learning, & connecting so far, or that represent parts of #clmooc that speak to you.
  5. Find Five Futures…What, where, with whom and when will you learn next?

Share, discuss, reflect! If you do so on Twitter and Facebook, add the #clmooc and #F5F hashtags. If you do so on G+, there’s a #F5F topic.

Here’s a little musical time travel to go along with #1…

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