A Find Five Friday #F5F Choose Your Own Adventure

If you don’t already have five things in mind, for Find Five Friday this week, you get five options of things to find!

  1. Find Five #clmooc-themed Blog Posts that make you go “Hmmmmm!”
  2. Find Five Surprises from your #clmooc experience so far.
  3. Find Five Makes you might consider remixing in the last few weeks of #clmooc.
  4. Find Five Images that represent your summer of making, learning, & connecting so far, or that represent parts of #clmooc that speak to you.
  5. Find Five Futures…What, where, with whom and when will you learn next?

Share, discuss, reflect! If you do so on Twitter and Facebook, add the #clmooc and #F5F hashtags. If you do so on G+, there’s a #F5F topic.

Here’s a little musical time travel to go along with #1…

Don’t Miss the Chance to #F5F!

It’s Find Five Friday! As always, feel free to “find” what you’d like and make #F5F your own. But if you’d like a nudge, here’s a few things I’ve been thinking about…

Because composing and learning with digital tools and in digital, networked communities is so new to so many of us, sometimes “connected learning” is interpreted to mean “learning online;” however, this is not the intention of the educators and researchers working to understand what it means to write and learn these days. Certainly, it is not the intention of #clmooc!

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Light the Fireworks, It’s Find Five Friday! #F5F

image (2)We’re halfway through #clmooc! Can you believe it?!? Hopefully, you’ve made connections and gained insights. Let’s celebrate this Friday by “finding” five people, makes, or ideas that you think have demonstrated a particular panache for insights, help, skills, creativity, or any other number of things. In the spirit of a games-focused Make Cycle, create a badge, certificate or award for them and post these however you see fit.

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It’s Find Five Friday Time! #F5F

This Friday your challenge is to find five posts you’ve learned from this week, and to reply, repost, remix, reflect upon them!

You can look anywhere for something that caused an Ah-Ha! that you can share:

Then when you’ve found your finds, reply, repost, remix and/or reflect on the posts adding the #F5F in our G+ Community or on Twitter (w/ the hashtag #clmooc ). If the post is about a common interest, hashtag the interest as well!

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Introducing #F5F Find Five Fridays

Last year in the CLMOOC, we found Fridays to be a perfect day for reflection, and being the connected and playful space it is, we made a game out of it. We like to call this Find Five Fridays or #F5F for short. Each Friday I’ll post something to go “find” and I’ll invite you to report to the community what you found. Of course, this is all optional, but since, it’s Friday, Friday, why not play!?!

photo (11)This Friday your challenge is to find five people you’ve already made a connection with in Make Cycle #1. This can be an online connection or an offline connection. Did you collaborate on a family video like Mary did? Did you like something someone said in the CLMOOC Make with Me hour? These are all people and all connections you could give a shout out to today!

You can do any number of things to celebrate your find:

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