The Connected Learning Connections and Reflections Week

The beginning of the end…and the end of the beginning

Welcome to the closing week of our Making Learning Connected Massive Open Online Collaboration (#clmooc). The Hudson Valley Writing Project’s team of Bonnie Kaplan, Marc Schroeder, Andrea Tejedor, and Jack Zangerle deserve thanks and a round of applause for leading our exploration of 5-image stories. They helped us consider digital composition from a fresh perspective by training our attention on photographs and their ability to shape narrative. Best of all, they got us making.

We will turn our attention this week to wrapping up our collaboration by reflecting and connecting. Supported by three newsletters spread out through Friday, this week is all about making sense of the making and connecting you did this summer. In other words, let’s make formal what we’ve been doing informally all summer. We invite you to reflect in a way that synthesizes what your #clmooc experience has meant to you and your work. We invite you to connect with other participants and other learning opportunities to extend your making, playing and learning.

"Where to" by Scott Glass

“Where to” by Scott Glass

Reflect on #clmooc as a learning experience for you.

We know #clmooc wasn’t a course. If it were, Scott Glass couldn’t have joined us at all. He had a road trip to take. Since #clmooc was a collaboration, we helped Scott plan his road trip during Make Cycle #3. At the conclusion of his trip, he shared his 5-Image Story with us.

We know #clmooc wasn’t a course. If it were, our subscription numbers would have been enrollment numbers. We’d be lamenting incomplete work and absent students. Since #clmooc was a collaboration, we welcomed subscribers to watch, to read, and to contemplate joining in. We use the word “lurk” as a synonym for love.

We know #clmooc wasn’t a course. If it were, you would be hastily looking over your notes and preparing a paper, or a portfolio. You would be readying yourself for the test. Since #clmooc was a collaboration, you never needed to ask permission to use the restroom or beg forgiveness for missing a day. You learned and helped others learn through sharing creative work, critical thinking and collaborative ideas.

Found Alphabet by Janis Selby Jones

Found Alphabet by Janis Selby Jones

Avoid the temptation to reflect on your #clmooc experience as a course.

If you were educated on Earth, you have background in course-like learning and you might feel the temptation to reflect on your making and learning as would suit a course. In the same way, just as you are susceptible to Earth’s gravity, you are susceptible to associate learning with courses. Instead, consider your learning in a way you might consider your learning after a camping trip, after a visit to the museum, or after a dance that leaves you sweaty, laughing, and looking for a drink of water.

What are some ways your experience in #clmooc has helped you expand your personal learning network?

What are some ways this experience in #clmooc has impacted your thinking about making, composing, and learning?

What are some ways this experience has helped you reflect on your work as an educator?

What are some ways this experience has helped you reflect on how you play? Imagine your new identity as a connected learner into the near, middle, and far future.

What are some quotes and insights from others in the #clmooc that have reverberated and remained with you this summer? Feel free to add those words to the collaborative document that Jane Raissle has created.

A collected quote from CLMOOC

A collected quote from CLMOOC

Reflect on #clmooc and its digital spaces as an artifact of collaboration.

Re-read, notice, and make notes on the distributed artifact we authored as a #clmooc community.
The individual work done by participants in different places, at different times, using different tools has left us with a distributed text. The chapters, vignettes, arguments, and the glossary of this text lie in social streams hosted by Google+, Twitter, blog platforms, and Facebook, just to name a few. The authors of our text chipped in however they chose and in the ways they were able. Maybe the digital text we created is a mess. Maybe it is a marvel. It probably looks a little like the Internet itself. What do you make of this text? What might people who pick it up in a month make with it?

What would you format in bold in our distributed text? What should everyone read twice, thrice, and then tell their children? What refrains of the summer will you be thinking about as the seasons change and school begins again?

What will you photocopy from our text and take back to work with you and share with colleagues?

Which parts of this text touched a nerve, compelling you to grab your highlighter and scrawl in the margins when you should have been sleeping, gardening or walking the dog?

How will you take what you have become at #clmooc and imagine it into your future as a connected learner and as an educator?

Stay Connected

EI-LogoJust as all of us spent the summer in the #clmooc as part of a larger community, so too is the Making Learning Connected MOOC part of something larger. While our formal Make Cycles are now coming to a calendar-close, the spirit of the Make will remain live and vibrant in places like Educator Innovator.

Educator Innovator, powered by the National Writing Project, as many of you know sponsored CLMOOC. What you might not know is that Educator Innovator is both a network of networks—EI has lots of great partners, like Maker Education, Edutopia, Institute of Play, Mozilla’s Webmaker, and many more—and an online community of educators like yourselves who are interested in the intersection of play, learning and creativity. Educator Innovator has great resources, like blog posts and webinars, that help you stay abreast of the latest opportunities from partners who are interested in engaging educators, both formal and informal, in the kinds of production-centered, interest-driven, Connected Learning work represented through events like CLMOOC.

So consider subscribing to Educator Innovator by visiting

Ways to Share

Here are some handy links that might help you with your sharing and connecting:

Live Events

Join our Make With Me live broadcast on Tuesday, July 29th, at 7 p.m. Eastern live streamed with a synchronous chat here at CLMOOC. This session will also be recorded so you can watch the archive later.

And on Thursday, July 31st at 7p.m. Eastern come together for the #clmoocTwitter Chat where we will focus on Connected Learning now and into the future!

Need more information?

Finally …

Embrace the ethos of being a maker and make connections with us in the Making Learning Connected Collaboration and with others who share your interests and passions. Give yourself permission to do something new. Give yourself permission to linger on something old. Give yourself permission to do something fun. Play. Tinker. Make. And finally, give yourself permission to fail and to succeed ─ knowing that we’ll clap loudly for you either way.

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