It’s Find Five Friday! #F5F

It’s Find Five Friday! As always, feel free to “find” what you’d like and make #F5F in your own way and on your own time. But if you’d like a nudge, here are a few things I’ve been thinking about…


Image by Anna Smith of friends and neighbors learning together intergenerationally both on and offline

Because composing and learning with digital tools and in digital, networked communities is so new to so many of us, sometimes “connected learning” is interpreted to mean “learning online;” however, this is not the intention of the educators and researchers working to understand what it means to write and learn these days. Certainly, it is not the intention of #clmooc!

So, for this Find Five Friday, let’s hear how your learning via making is connected both on and offline–-in and with the #clmooc community, as well in other offline communities and with persons otherwise “disconnected” from #clmooc!

And if connected learning is just about learning online, what is it about? For this #F5F we could also look back over our four weeks together for makes, posts and comments where we have taken up (inadvertently perhaps?) connected learning and design principles. Kevin Hodgson and Terry Elliott have done this with thinking through games as a part of Make Cycle #3 with a ThingLink. I am guessing they’ll let you add your #F5Fs to theirs, or you could create or own.

(Psssst….Speaking of previous Make Cycles, did you know that Make Cycles only begin, they don’t end? That’s one reason you’re never late to a Make Cycle or a #F5F. You’re always perfectly on time.)

Share, discuss, reflect! If you do so on Twitter or Facebook, add the #F5F and #clmooc hashtags. If you do so on G+, there’s a #F5F topic.


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