Make Cycle #6: GeoLocate Your Space!

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(Created by teachers in the Western Massachusetts Writing Project 2015 Summer Institute, as part of a writing workshop presentation)

So, here we are … the last Make Cycle of the 2015 CLMOOC (save time for reflection next week!) and just think of all the amazing work and learning and play and reflection that has gone on in the weeks before us. We’re deeply appreciative of the Make Cycle facilitation by the KQED team and the ways in which they helped us envision our public voice on important issues. Their questions and your exploration of “the public” along various lines of inquiry is right in tune with activities for this Make Cycle, too.

And now, as the Welcome Wagon for Make Cycle 6, we want you  …. to get out of the house.

That’s right. Power down that laptop, grab your sneakers or walking shoes, and head on out into the Great Outdoors and continue to explore the public spaces that surround you. You may need to bring a camera or mobile device with you, so we acknowledge that you might not be completely technologically untethered.

And be sure to find your way back, too. Maybe you will need a map. Hmmm.

The final Make Cycle for 2015, facilitated by the US National Park Service, is designed to encourage you to head outside to your local park, or greenway, or bike path, or museum, or library, or street corner, or wherever the public you are part of comes together, #FindYourPark and document that public space for this week’s Make Cycle. The focus for this cycle is on the cultural, historical and/or environmental spaces of our communities.


Of course, National Parks are so much more than the panoramic, wide-open spaces found out west! Maybe you’ve already had your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to #FindYourPark in spaces like Yosemite in California, or Yellowstone in Wyoming, or Grand Canyon in Arizona, but did you know that there are over 400 national parks (and national monuments, and national seashores, and national historic sites) across the country?

Maybe there’s a site closer to you than you think!

And for our CLMOOC friends from outside the United States—yes, we know there are a lot of you and we love that you are here in this tapestry of learning—we hope your country or municipality has its own system of parks and natural spaces, and we encourage you to share some of those spaces out in this Make Cycle with us, too. We want to avoid this being a United States-centered Make Cycle, so we will need YOUR help to broaden the scope of spaces in the world.

Here in the United States, however, the National Park Service invites you to find your park! The 100th birthday of the National Park Service is right around the corner—in 2016—so let’s spread the word about the amazing places, the inspirational stories that national parks tell us about ourselves, a country’s natural resources, and the diverse cultural heritage.

Use the hashtag #FindYourPark along with #clmooc to share out what you discover.


Be creative with your photos. Like this fisheye panorama! Public domain.

Make with Us

If you end up noticing something about the world on your travels into the public spaces of your community, then you have already Made with Me. But we would love to have you share what you found with the rest of us.

Remember the map that many of you contributed to during the very first week of the CLMOOC? We’re circling back around again, and we have constructed a new Google Community Map project that we invite you to contribute to. This GeoLocate Your Space map is a way for all of us to work together to create something special: a larger look at our world.

GeoLocate your Space

Geolocate Your Space Map

Come add images and/or video and/or text to the Geolocate Your Space Map

  • Need a tutorial on how to pin to the map? Or change your map icon? Or find the URL from your Flickr photo in order to embed the image? We’ve created a short tutorial just for you.
  • Feel free to pin digital work that you may have done in the last Make Cycle as well.
  • We also have an ongoing CLMOOC Photo Group on Flickr that we encourage you to join. It’s a place where we hope you might share your photos of public spaces with the larger community, creating a collective, community visual celebration of what we are discovering.

As an aside, we wanted to talk about sharing media, too. We are hopeful that whatever space you share in, you consider using Creative Commons license designations so that we all contribute to the growing collection of media resources available to us all. Think of it as another way to engage in the public. CLMOOC friend Karen Fasimpaur has created a blog post  — Sharing Your Photos Openly — on this very topic that we suggest you peruse, and then examine your own settings.

If you are seeking even more ways to Make with Me beyond the map project, feel free to use this additional list of ideas that pull in themes from previous Make Cycles and push into various directions.

Check Out These Resources

United States National Park Service

Flickr Collections with Creative Commons Licensing (re-mix! re-mediate! mash-up!)

Photo Editing

Places to Share

Live Events

  • Join our Make With Me live broadcast with chat on Tuesday, July 28 at 7p ET/4p PT/11pm UTC live streamed with a synchronous chat here at CLMOOC. This session will also be recorded so you can watch the archive later.
  • We will be hosting a Twitter Chat for Make Cycle #1 on Thursday, July 30 at 7p ET/4p PT/11pm UTC  with the #clmooc hashtag

Need More Information?

Finally …

We hope you can find time to enjoy the beauty of your world and reflect on how to bring that experience to your students at your school or learning space. Let’s make the map together, but even more importantly, let’s share the wonder of the world with each other.

See you in the woods!

Cris Constantine (@friendlymonster), Megan O’Malley (@flynnernynner), Josh Reyes, Andrew Buttermilch, Nicolette Lloyd, Martin Christiansen, National Park Service; and Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax), Western Massachusetts Writing Project.

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