Make Cycle #∞: The Neverending Stories of CLMOOC!


“Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” Pratheep P S / CC BY SA 3.0

First, a heartfelt thank you to Cris Constantine (@friendlymonster), Megan O’Malley (@flynnernynner), Josh Reyes, Andrew Buttermilch, Nicolette Lloyd (@VagabondNicci), and Martin Christiansen of National Park Service, and Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax) of the Western Massachusetts Writing Project. A round of applause for leading our exploration of public/private space. They helped us consider how our experiences of space shape our sense of what is possible…

Today, we want to support you in considering where you are now in relation to where you have been and where you hope to go.  Time for some self-assessment, #clmooc style.


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There might be talk/temptation to think of #clmooc as (almost) over, winding down, wrapping up—what’s up with that? The concept of a course (as all of us know through decades of conditioning) is that classes/courses are clearly bounded in time. School sets the schedule, the teacher gives out the final grade. These telltale signs remain the clear signals that the learning experience is reaching its end. But #clmooc has never been a course, it’s a collaboration! Collaborations don’t end. They keep building. We keep traveling on new bridges to new destinations then back around again until home and being away become a bit harder to recognize.


clmooc lives on and on, via Sheri Edwards

Make With Us

We invite you all to contribute some reflective writing to a CLMOOC open document that will be used in conjunction with our upcoming Twitter Chat on Tuesday, August 4th, at 4p PT / 7p ET / 11p UTC.

In an open community of learning and inquiry, there doesn’t need to be a formalized plan that we all follow. There doesn’t need to be a curriculum and a structure to continue #clmooc. As we reflect, we can continue our conversation. We can continue to learn and play together, we can fuel the movement, and we can continue to build connected ecosystems. We invite you to reflect in a way that synthesizes what your #clmooc experience has meant to you and your work thus far. We invite you to connect with other participants and other learning opportunities. Where are you now in your thinking about making, composing, and connected learning? Has your thinking shifted? Have the tools you used changed? We invite you to extend your making, playing, and learning.

Check Out These Resources

This will always be a non-exhaustive list. We all bring our own strategies of reflection and we encourage #clmooc-ers to diverge, explore, go where there is no path and leave behind a trail.

If you look into the CLMOOC Make Bank you’ll find a range of ways that folks have reflected in the past, including:

Places to Share

Live Events

  • We will be hosting a Twitter Chat for Make Cycle #∞ on Tuesday, August 4, at 4p PT / 7p ET / 11p UTC with the #clmooc hashtag. We’ll use a Google Doc to do some shared reflective writing, and then use these reflections as the basis of our chat.

Need More Information?


Just as all of us spent the summer in #clmooc as part of a larger community, so too is Making Learning Connected 2015 part of something larger. While our formal Make Cycles are now coming to a close, the spirit of the Make will remain live and vibrant in places like the publishing sites listed above and Educator Innovator.

We invite you to consider subscribing to Educator Innovator by visiting

Peace in the connecting,



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