Make Cycle #∞: The Neverending Stories of CLMOOC! Reflections and Connections

It’s sunset. We’ve arrived back at the station. This is not a closing. It is an invitation to an opening of new inquiries and new relationships. Switch your seat a couple times. Stretch your legs. Yet don’t let the travel itch subside. There are still oh so many places to go!

Thank you for participating in CLMOOC this summer in an experience that brought us all many insights, both intentional and unintentional in our collective folly. In line with the Connected Learning goals of equity, access, and opportunity, we hope that you continue with us on the journey to a world where all young people have access to participatory, interest-driven learning.

In our final Twitter Chat and collaborative Google Doc, many reflected on what this experience has brought to them:Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 8.09.31 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-06 at 8.09.55 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-06 at 8.10.58 PM

While the make cycles have come to an end, let us continue to remember the special CLMOOC Make Bank throughout the year. It will stay open for contributions! Please share if you found a space in your practice to utilize with learners, or even simply for a fun leisure time activity. Here’s a couple that were added this summer:


How to Turn Your Video Clips into Animation submitted by Jill Dawson

Art to Writing System submitted by Stephanie Loomis

We thank you all for your participation in one, many, or all of our six make cycles that rounded out the CLMOOC experience. We also want to send a huge shout out to the many teams and organizations that came together to run the make cycles for CLMOOC this summer; the Writing Projects of North Carolina, the University of Illinois Writing Project, Glasslab Games, the San Diego Area Writing Project, KQED, and the National Park Service.

Kudos all around.

Are there others you would like to send a special thank you? Pay it forward by finding and sharing via CLMOOC and the Find 5 Friday tag #F5F (or maybe, because it’s Saturday, Seek 6 or Search 7 even?).

Moving Forward

In lieu of a Make With Me, here’s a suggested list of actions you can take to further delve into the making and learning with CLMOOC.

  • Connect learning in your own context.
  • Stay connected over social media and continue to use the hashtag #CLMOOC.
  • Share what you’ve learned publicly by presenting to others and publishing/cross-posting your work to communities such as NWP Digital Is.
  • Use, remix, create, share and document Makes others can use in the Make Bank.
  • Continue to build/grow/play/share.

Join The Movement

Just as all of us spent the summer in the CLMOOC as part of a larger community, so too is CLMOOC part of something larger. While our formal make cycles have now come to a calendar-close, the spirit of the “make” will remain live and vibrant in places like Educator Innovator.


Educator Innovator, powered by the National Writing Project, as many of you know, sponsored CLMOOC. What you might not know is that Educator Innovator is both a network of networks and an online community of educators like yourselves who are interested in the intersection of play, learning and creativity. Educator Innovator has great resources, like blog posts and webinars, that help you stay abreast of the latest opportunities from partners who are interested in engaging educators, both formal and informal, in the kinds of production-centered, interest-driven, Connected Learning work represented through events like CLMOOC.


It’s been a great summer. Let’s keep the energy alive!

In making and connecting solidarity,
CLMOOC Team @ Educator Innovator

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