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Please complete this form so we have what we need to add your blog to the hub. Scroll down for instructions on how to create and/or find a CLMOOC feed on your blog.

  • (see below for directions)

How to create/find a CLMOOC feed on your blog

If you use WordPress:

  1. Create a category on your blog called clmooc or create a new WordPress blog at and add the category clmooc
  2. Find the RSS feed of the category
  • For a WordPress blog, the category RSS feed is:

If you use Blogger:

  1. Create a label on your blog called clmooc or create a new Blogger blog at and add the label clmooc
  2. Find the RSS feed of the label
    • For a Blogger blog, the label RSS feed is:

If you use Tumblr:

  1. Create a #clmooc tag within a post that you publish. Click on that tag once published to get the URL for all of the posts with that tag.
  2. Add /rss to the end of that URL. This is the feed you want to submit.
    • For a Tumblr blog, the label RSS feed is:

If you use Weebly:

  1. Find the RSS Feed label on the right side of the blog page of your website.
  2. Copy and paste the link the URL of the RSS feed into the submission.

If you use Wix:

  1. The default URL of the feed will appear as
    • Copy the feed URL and paste the link into the URL submission.
    • See Wix Support for help.

If you use something else … … please refer to the Help menu  of your blogging software and/or write us for one-to-one support.