Getting Started with Google Hangouts On Air

Participants are encouraged to either join or host Google Hangouts On Air for the purposes of reflection. In the same way we have done with our Make With Me live events, we will post and archive these video hangouts on this site. This page will familiarize you with Hangouts On Air, whether you choose to join one of our broadcasts or host your own broadcast.

Important Note: You’ll need a Google + setup before you can participate in a hangout. Here’s the Getting Started with Google and our G+ Community page to help you get set up.  

If you have no experience with Google Hangouts, here’s the Getting Started with Google Hangouts page.

Joining a Hangout on Air

If you are invited and choose to join a Hangout on Air, you will be asked to confirm that you are willing to join a live broadcast. These Hangouts will include only people you invite but are visible to anyone who wants to watch.

Hosting a Hangout On Air hangouts-on-air-300x228

You may also choose to host your own Hangout On Air to make, play, and connect with a small group of CLMOOC participants and capture the conversation on video. While the navigation and operation of the Hangout is the same whether you are on air or off, the setup for Hangouts On Air has a few more steps. This video tutorial by Google Gooru provides a quick walk-through of the initial set up.

Google Hangouts

For information about regular, un-broadcast Hangouts, please visit Getting Started with Google Hangouts.


If you’ve tried using the support provided here and you still can’t find the information you need, email us at and we’ll see if we can figure it out together.